Academic Year 2024 - 2025

--- What Do I Need for Class?

All Classes

All students will need standard school supplies, such as writing paper, graph paper, pencil(s), eraser(s), colored pencils, and a ruler. 

Some students find it helpful to have a highlighter available.  Highlighting the negative signs help ensure they don’t get overlooked.

Calculator recommendations are given below.


Students are highly encouraged to use a calculator, especially to check their work.

casio calculator

Casio fx-300ES PLUS

This is a really handy, inexpensive calculator that can be used in all high school classes. It has a large display and handles fractions beautifully.

ti-84 ce calculator


A handheld graphing calculator is needed for students who will be taking advanced math classes after high school.
The Casio fx-9750 is a less expensive option of graphing calculator and works just as well as the TI-84.

Online Success

To get the most out of an online class, students should have a laptop or desktop computer with webcam and microphone.  

The curriculum is managed through the website.  Aleks has built in online tools that students will be required to use.  These may be too small to read or may be too difficult to work on a phone.

Classes are hosted through Zoom, which is a free service.  Students will receive the Aleks access code and the Zoom meeting code, once they are registered.

I use a document camera to demonstrate how to work the problems in Aleks.  During class, I may also demonstrate the on-screen tools.  

I pre-record videos of each topic, and upload a PDF version of the material covered in the video.  Students can access these additional resources directly in Aleks.