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No, but the Aleks(R) will do an initial assessment.  Students have the option to move into the another class (up or down), as needed.

The typical sequence is:  Pre-Algebra  –>  Algebra 1  –>  Geometry  –>  Algebra 2  –>  Pre-Calculus.

Please email me if your student is following a different math path.

I use

Aleks is an AI-based website.  It learns what the student already knows, so it works with students on the topics they are ready to learn.

Yes.  All classes include additional “above-grade-level” material, similar to a what a public-school, honors-level class would cover.

Yes!  I highly encourage students to use their calculators, especially to check their work.  

I recommend the Casio fx-300ES PLUS, because it has a large display and handles fractions beautifully.

For Algebra 2 and above, I highly encourage students to use the Desmos app because it is easier to understand than a handheld graphing calculator. 

If your student needs a graphing calculator, I recommend the TI-84 –OR– the Casio fx-9750

The tuition covers access to the website, weekly group learning sessions, plus individual tutoring outside of class, as needed.

Other class supplies (such as a calculator and notebook) are not included.

The website access code is not refundable.  It is due June 1st (or upon registration).

If you drop the class during the year, I will refund any other tuition you have paid, on a pro-rated basis.

Tutoring is free for my students, during the academic year, on an “as-needed” basis.  

Students who are not keeping up with the material, or require significant outside help, may be dropped from the class.

I do not offer tutoring for students who are not enrolled in my classes.

All of my classes are Honors level.  They are not centered around any specific test.


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